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Child Safety Clearances

The protection of children is our first priority in Promise Kingdom

Worker Resources

The protection of children is our first priority in Promise Kingdom. That is why we require all of our volunteers to be trained and receive all the Pennsylvania state mandated background checks.

The following documents need to be obtained prior to serving in Promise Kingdom, or any other ministry that has contact with children. In addition to the requirements by Covenant Fellowship, Pennsylvania law requires the three state background checks* for anyone who has consistent access to children. While the list of forms might seem overwhelming at first, we are glad to provide assistance in completing them. It is our desire to ensure that every member is able to participate in Promise Kingdom with their children.

Please click on the steps below for directions on completing and submitting each clearance needed.

Complete instructions can be found here.

STEP 1 - Criminal History Record Check

STEP 2 - Child Abuse Clearance

STEP 3 - FBI Fingerprinting/Residency Waiver

STEP 4 - Safety Application

STEP 5 - Ministry Safe Training

STEP 6 - References

Teen Clearances Requirements - view all here 

Renewing Your Clearances? 

Please complete Steps 1 - 3 above. Steps 4 - 6 do not need to be renewed. 

*If you have any, or all, of these clearances already completed from volunteering or working in an education, social services, or other related field, providing the church office with copies of these is sufficient.