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Adoption Assistance

We wish to help those who are already committed to adopt.

Adoption Assistance Program

Our Adoption Assistance Program seeks to defray the significant costs of domestic and international adoptions for couples wishing to open their lives to a child. 

  1. Our Adoption Assistance Program is funded by charitable contributions. We cannot receive designated offers for any specific adoption. 
  2. Couples applying for a grant must be members in good standing of Covenant Fellowship Church or a church in the Northeast Region of Sovereign Grace Churches. 
  3. We wish to help those who are already committed to adopt. Only those who have received an approved adoption home study may apply (documented home study costs may be submitted later for reimbursement as part of a grant award).
  4. Grants are based upon pastoral recommendation, church participation, degree of need, and availability of resources in the Fund.

To apply, please out the Application Form.

Covenant Fellowship's Adoption Assistance Program is funded through charitable contributions. If you would like to support this fund, please make checks payable to Covenant Fellowship Church with "Adoption Assistance Program" in the memo line, or visit covfel.org/give and designate your online gift accordingly.